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At Whole Beings® we are inspired to create a movement in holistic education -- where each child is organically nurtured toward finding their identity and purpose in life, make connections to our natural world, our community and practice spiritual values such as kindness, gratitude and peace. Each child is a unique being that learns and grows in a creative setting, where they can embrace limitless ideas and reveal their unlimited potential. Whole Beings® was founded by two sisters, both registered teachers, whose vision is to ignite children with a powerful sense of who they are, whilst embracing their naturally creative minds and spirits. 

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Mindful. Conscious. Whole.

Our new studio is now open in the quaint beachside village of Tugun. We are also very excited to announce the launch of our eBook 'A Simple Guide to Slowing Down & Nurturing a Mindful Being' which is a holistic grassroots approach to mindfulness for children. It's available from our