Whole Beings® is a safe haven for wellness & learning, where our ethos reflect gratitude, peace and compassion. All programs are delivered by bachelor qualified child & family specialists and registered teachers. Our studio aesthetics reflect our own love of design, creativity & nature as inspiration.


At the studio...


Holistic Beings™ program for ages 3-5 -- alternative approach to day care or preschool.

Holistic Beings™ after school learning programs -- targeting the whole child.

Whole Beings® exclusive holistic teaching practices organically increase self-esteem, self-love & empower children.

All programs build emotional intelligence through mindfulness, meditation & creative experiences.

Positive affirmations & guidance throughout all of our programs.

Eco-friendly & sustainable practices.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for children, mummas, teen & fellow creatives.

Ongoing workshops, special & collaborative events.

Studio hire upon request hello@wholebeings.co